GreenFire DAO Whitepaper

Defining the GreenFire Decentralized Application
the GreenFire DAO cryptocurrency

The Gladiator (GLD)

Green Fire Gold White Paper

Gold Backed Blockchain Application

GreenFire DAO


The purpose of this proposal is to introduce the Green Fire DAO, the Cryptocurrency and the advanced Blockchain applications of the “Landfill” economy.

As a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, Green Fire DAO presents a new organizational structure and model of consensus management and interoperability both within our own Green Fire Landfill networks as well as global ecommerce networks within the framework of blockchain technology.

To initiate the Green Fire DAO Initial investors created a Foundation, The Green Fire DAO Foundation.

What is the GreenFire DAO Foundation?

The Green Fire DAO Foundation is a group of early adopters of the Green Fire DAO platform who share the belief that the Green Fire DAO and its technology has the potential to revolutionize how waste reclamation is done and how reclamation, specifically Landfill Reclamation, can provide a financial backbone for global decentralized commerce.

The GreenFire DAO founders have invested the initial assets into the GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank.

Why IS The GreenFire DAO Foundation Needed?

The Foundation is an organization of the initial asset contributing entities whose main role is to hold on to assets and use some kind of voting system to manage their distribution.

In order for the GLD platform to grow and gain widespread adoption, a bridge is needed between the GLD platform, community, developers, etc. and the rest of the world who are accustomed to the old world legacy banking system to connect with the new world organism of decentralized asset backed currencies (such as planned GLD) that are not owned by any government or central bank.

GLD will continue to grow in utility (daily practical applications) and thrive, this will be achieved by the addition of the landfill Pickers (about 15 million) and Women Informal Workers (about 20 million) and more and more people simply joining GLD.

To grow the GLD platform and community, GLD has something that can connect and engage with the rest of the world (individuals and businesses) at a professional, hospitable, safe and secure manner.

The GLD Foundation can simply be viewed as an interface between an old and new financial world guided by the GLD community and NOT directing the GLD community.

The GLD community does not need a ‘foundation’ for the community, it needs a ‘foundation’ for the rest of the world to be able to connect with the value that GLD and its community offers.

A Green Fire Cryptocurrency Backed By Gold and Other Assets Tangible and Intangible. These assets are registered as Green Fire DAO Reserve Assets in the Green Fire DAO Gold Reserve Bank.

What is The Green Fire Gold Reserve Bank?

The GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank is the depository of all Green Fire DAO assets. This DAO bank will have a corresponding relationship with additional DAO-based banks for other financial functions and services not performed by GreenFire Reserve Bank.

The GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank will be the only GLD miner and will issue every Informal Workers and Landfill Picker on our projects a private key for trade transactions. They will receive a carbon fiber indestructible card with their Hash ID. All transactions will be as easy as scanning the QR code.

The Green Fire Gold Reserve Bank Founding Assets – An ASSURANCE Smart Contract defining the asset allocation backing every GLD as at a fixed ratio of 1 GLD to 1gram of gold in value. This smart contract will be the Prime GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank smart contract and will be the basis of all GLD issuance.

Universal Payment System

The Universal Currency/Asset Wallet application offered by Infinity Economics and incorporated in GreenFire DAO GLD is totally unique to the crypto technology industry.

Through the use of one user friendly wallet, owners will be able to trade and interact with any other blockchain, cryptocurrency, fiat currency, and other electronic payment systems from one platform.

The GreenFire DAO ICO

The Offer

Blockchain Startup Green Fire Engineered Reclamation to Launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO) To Raise Funds for GreenFire DAO and the “Children of the Landfill” Projects

Cryptocurrency developers have their coin as their business, the GreenFire DAO is a business-on-the-blockchain that has a coin, Green Fire Gold (GLD), for the Landfill Economy and the “Children of the Landfill”.
Our Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) business is Landfill Mining and Reclamation.

Green Fire Gold (GLD)

All purchases of GLD are transacted in Bitcoin.

Green Fire Engineered Reclamation’s global team of engineers and professionals in partnership with Mycryptoworld (MCW) and their leading Bitcoin and Blockchain developers is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for GLD to raise investment funds for the Green Fire Engineered Reclamation Landfill projects and the “Children of the Landfill” humanitarian Project. The project will be developed on the Mycryptoworld blockchain and be established as the GreenFire DAO.

As a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, GreenFire presents a new organizational structure and business model of consensus management for the reclamation business and Landfill Technology


GreenFire DAO ICO

  • The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for GLD is 1,000,000 (one million) Tokens.

  • The sale price is US$50

  • The base fixed value of GLD is US$50.

Initial Assets held by the Green Fire Foundation:

From an operating certified mine.

100,000 ounces of gold or 3,100,000 grams. Estimated value, $110,000,000 USD.

From an internationally managed asset fund in Sweden.

Credentials and verification documents are available for viewing after registration on this website.

Total initial assets on deposit are valued at USD200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million US Dollars)

These assets are deposited and held in the GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank.

Function of the GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank:

The GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank is the repository of currency, commodities and other financial capital.

GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank and GLD Distribution

The GLD token issuance will be restricted to a minimum 2:1 ratio; assets to tokens. This is the primary clause in the GreenFire Dao Reserve Bank Assurance smart contract, assuring the value of GLD.

GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank will be the only miner of GLD.

Every landfill or installation on the GreenFire DAO will be a mining node for our bank. All transaction fees and a share of profit revenue is to be distributed as dividend to coin holders.

GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank is not a trading platform, It includes a decentralized asset exchange, which means you can buy and sell crypto and consumer assets without going through a 3rd party.

The GreenFire Reserve Assets are used exclusively to back GLD Token and the GreenFire DAO asset exchange. As the assets are accepted more GLD tokens are issued.

Conditions of the Offering

The value of one (1) GLD Token is USD50

We Accept Bitcoin Only When Offering GLD

The GreenFire DAO Cryptocurrency GLD, A Gold Backed Cryptocurrency.

Register to view private documents and purchase: REGISTER

GLD Backed by Landfill Asset

A True Asset Backed Digital Currency, backed by the reclaimed assets from the Landfills and mining waste.

The GLD Token is a Global Transaction Currency designed to provide a complete venue of financial services through secured transactions internationally and without interacting with traditional banking processes. GLD Token transcends all borders and ideologies.

The mission of GLD is to provide a secure global asset backed digital currency for international exchange.

Landfill DAC

Each landfill project is structured as a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC), a GreenFire DAO entity that performs the functions of a separate company (e.g., payroll, issuing dividends).

Each Green Fire landfill project, once evaluated, will be issued it own unique “colored” coin that will be identified with a specific project. These “Project” coin may be offered as a separate investment vehicle with dividends paid to the coin holders.

Project Funding – Colored Coin with Dividends

A project assurance smart contract is a contract in which investments are held until the amount reaches a designated threshold or beyond, after which point the project is initialized and new colored GLD are released. The contract further addresses the project production threshold that when reached, dividends are paid to the original investors in the project colored coin.

Each Landfill Project, as a node on the DAO, will collect transaction fees and mining rewards these will contribute to the investor dividend.

Once the contract is created and operational, the colored GLD token holders can sell their tokens at current market rate, hold it to speculate on the platform becoming more popular relative to the fixed number of colored tokens, or exchange their colored token with the GreenFire DAO exchange itself for GLD token as described above.

The color or type or size of token is irrelevant as it is merely a representation of an agreed upon completed condition.

Landfill Assets

The Green Fire Engineered Reclamation process extracts gold from the landfill waste using our own patented “green” processes, our processes never pollute or contaminate. We view Landfill gold as “Green Fire Gold”. It is this “Green Gold” that is mined with a non-polluting process that is exclusively targeted as the asset backing the Green Fire Gold Token (GLD).

All reclaimed precious metals and minerals are registered and added to the asset base of GLD Token. Every Green Fire Engineered Reclamation landfill project adds to the GLD asset base and so, allows GLD to issue more tokens.

Landfill Economy

The GreenFire DAO and GLD Token was invented to supply a new and more secure means for international trade and commerce for the Children of the Landfill projects.

As a basis for education and commerce, each Landfill Project has a 3D print manufacturing operation producing consumer products for the villages and will be educated using the STEM system..

As these 3D printing installations mature GreenFire DAO networks will add distributed manufacturing to their functionality.

GreenFire DAO supplies secure needed financial services to the invisible workers of the world, the poorest of the poor, the Children of the Landfill and the Informal Workers of the world.

GreenFire DAO distributed exchange platforms supply quick secure transaction processing with complete anonymity.

GreenFire DAO intends to construct a global network of distributed exchange centers locating each center on a Landfill Project.

GreenFire DAO will establish itself as a provider of independent secure banking and anonymous P2P transactions between the Landfill communities , and then globally as the Green Fire Landfill 3D manufacturing and production Commerce grows and spreads.

Landfill Commerce Transaction?

A GLD DAO ecommerce transaction is the sale or purchase of GreenFire DAO goods or services, whether between businesses, households, individuals, governments, and other public or private organizations, conducted over the GreenFire DAO.

The goods and services are ordered over the Internet, but the payment and the ultimate delivery of the good or service may be conducted on or off-line.

All transactions are private and anonymous to all but the signatories on the transaction smart contract. Every signatory to a smart contract receives a “block-chain” receipt for every transaction based on the transaction smart contract.

How Do We Communicate Transactions?

Inherent in GLD Token technology is end to end encrypted email. Every account when activated receives an associated email account.

The Smart Contract-Based Transaction

As an issuer of asset backed currency and distributed transaction processing our method is to identify and describe issues of financial transactions as contracts. This is the key to success For GLD Token.

The GreenFire DAO Digital Asset Exchange and Trade Platform

The GreenFire DAO digital asset exchange ledger is able to store offers made to buy or sell crypto currencies as well as all types of digital assets, both tangible and intangible.

Offers are public commitments to exchange one type of credit for another at a pre-determined rate. The ledger becomes a global marketplace for offers.

With GLD’s convenient and highly intuitive interface, users set desired global trade parameters, and the platform will generate the appropriate smart contracts.

The GreenFire DAO Smart contracts manage the global trade policies and any payments processing.

The GreenFire DAO Network

The GreenFire DAO network of federated servers is made up of the servers that exist as part of the Green Fire landfill installations. Every installation has a 3D print manufacturing center, each of these centers are a node on the Green Fire Network.

All transactions are processed through this network. A transaction is passed through several severs simultaneously becoming virtually invisible and unavailable to any other than those that are part of the transaction.

The Green Fire network of servers will be added to the Mycryptoworld network.

Governance and Elections

The GreenFire DAO has a fully democratic elected Board of Directors. The Board will be elected annually after Startup stage by weighted voting by all members.

The key aims of the GreenFire DAO organization are to provide advanced global blockchain financial solutions and applications and decentralized cryptocurrency capable of realtime transactions and providing banking services to the previously “unbankable” citizens of the world, the Children of the Landfill.

The problem of third party risk.

There are no third parties involved with GLD. We are completely transparent about our assets, this is addresxsed through Smart Contracts. We make sure that you know that we have the asset we are using to back GLD digital currency.

GLD is a certified gold/asset backed digital currency.

What Is The Financial Structure of GLD Token?

The financial structure is very straight forward. GLD Token is a common currency stabilized by identified assets, gold and other. The Green Fire Gold is the gold that is reclaimed from the Landfill/Mining Reclamation processes.

Is The GLD Token a Currency?

GLD Is Real Money?

In the functional sense, yes; GLD is being used as a medium of exchange. In another sense, though, it is something entirely new in the evolution of money. The GLD wallet will interact with any cryptocurrency on the blockchain and fiat currencies.

Are GLD Tokens really worth anything?

Most digital currencies are fiat and are worth whatever individuals choose to believe they are worth. GLD Token has a recognizable value.

The value of the GLD Token is initially determined by the “asset value” in the GreenFire DAO Gold Reserve Bank, however, as GreenFire DAO advances other assets may be registered and be presented to the GLD DAO for consensus on the value. Once consensus is reached the value established is used to back the GLD token.

GLD Token currency has exciting newness, high-tech nature with asset backing.

This exciting newness comes form the GLD Wallet’s ability to transact with any other crytocurrency on the blockchain as well as fiat currency.

GLD is highly valued because of the asset backing, privacy, convenience, superior portability (instantly transferable to any point on the globe with Internet access, independent from central banks and intrusive governments.

GLD Token as a gold backed currency, is rare, there are few crypto currency that are “asset backed” with certifiable and provable mineral assets and none backed by reclaimed waste.

The confidence in the GLD Token and the public opinions of GLD Token are derived from its tangible asset backing.

The primary function of GLD is to provide a medium of exchange for many opportunities both internal and external such as the Green Fire 3D Distributed Manufacturing Network.

What is the Public Business Model for GLD Token?

GLD Token Global Transactions and the GreenFire DAO Smart Contract

Our innovation is to express an issued instrument, the GLD Token, as a smart contract, and to link that smart contract into every aspect of the transaction payment system. This document, the GLD Smart Contract, forms the basis for understanding an issue and every transaction within that issue.

By this process, a document of some broad utility (readable by user and program) is drafted and digitally signed by the issuer of the instrument. This document, the GLD Smart Contract, forms the basis for understanding an issue and every transaction within that issue.

By extension, all issues of value, such as currencies, land, commodities, loyalty systems and vouchers, can benefit from this approach.

As an issuer of asset backed currency GreenFire DAO accommodates global transaction and payment processing. Our method is to identify and describe issues of financial transactions as smart contracts. This is the key functionality of GLD Token.

A GLD Token smart contract can be defined as a single document that is:

a) a contract offered by an issuer to holders,

b) a valuable right held by holders, and managed by the issuer,

c) easily readable by people (like a contract on paper),

d) readable by programs (parsable like a database),

e) digitally signed,

f) able to carry the keys and server information, and

g) allied with a unique and secure identifier.

In the simplest possible terms, a GLD Smart Contract is a document defining a type of value for issuance over the Internet. It identifies the Issuer, being the signatory, and any terms and clauses the Issuer sees fit to add in to make the document stand as a contract.

All communications regarding transactions within the GreenFire DAO environment are only transmitted to other GLD token holders for security reasons and in every instance GreenFire DAO provides encrypted email services.


There will Always be a dispute-mediation clause regarding independent arbitration if all else fails. By “all else fails,” I mean in most smart contracts there will be a time-based trigger: if neither party agrees by a specific time in the contract located on the ledger, the contract is sent to arbitration.

An Arbitrator may be chosen from a list of known reputable arbiters who face similar market conditions to provide unbiased service These types of default-based relationships and contractual stipulations take place today.

Smart Contract Conclusion

The smart contract is the keystone of the GLD DAO issuance. Our innovation is to express all the salient details of an issuance as an unforgeable contract, unforgeably linked into every action within a payment system. In this way, a financial transaction can develop along the lines it always has done – by means of agreement within smart contracts.

By translating the institution of the smart contract into the digital domain, we build upon centuries’ and even millenia worth of experience in documenting, sharing and disputing the meaning of agreements between parties.

Asset Stabilization

GLD Token increases and stabilizes its circulation through use of an expanding asset base, including Green Fire Landfill projects and other appropriate assets.

GreenFire DAO Business

Where does the money go from the sale of GLD Token’s?

All monies received is a tool for developing the new global business model based on the “Landfill Economy”.

The GreenFire DAO Smart Contract

The smart contract is addressed in some detail, explaining the functionality and the purposes of this essential legal instrument of every transaction performed with the use of GLD Token.

GLD is built as Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) incorporated on the crypto blockchains. Decentralized applications and so called “smart contracts” are the tools to make GreenFire DAO fully decentralized, without any single point of failure. This network can’t be taken down or hijacked due to this design. This same design may apply to a Greenfire DAO.

The GLD DAO Basic Functions

GLD Functionality


Token Transfer
Digital Asset Exchange
Encrypted Messages
Account Control
Anonymous Transactions


Decentralized Name Registrar
Decentralized Marketplace
Distributed File Storage
Decentralized Crowdfunding
Decentralized Hosting


Sub Currency System
Nanopayments / Microservices
Reputation System
Secured Cryptocurrency Bank
Prediction Market
Decentralized Exchange
Smart Contracts

We Are Green Fire DAO

The market needs a trustworthy and legitimate on-the-ground decentralized application supported by an asset backed cryptocurrency that can lead to positive change.

As a gold-backed currency with inner humanitarian value, Green Fire Gold (GLD) poses an international and unaffiliated alternative to existing reclamation solutions.

The result of careful planning and preparation, GLD is designed to be reliable and trade-able asset backed currency .

GLD is committed to ensuring that all operations – such as customer service and the currency management mechanism – will operate under the principles of simplicity, transparency, and fairness. We need your cooperation in spreading the word and supporting Green Fire Gold.

A small investment will go a long way in leading to positive global change!

Project Links:

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[1] Link to Green Fire Engineered Professional Credentials HERE

[2] Link to project mine Asset Credential HERE

[3] Link to FT Asset Management Credentials HERE

[4] Link to Children of the Landfill eBook is HERE

The Children of the Landfill website is HERE

[5] Link to Green Fire Engineered Reclamation eBook

Green Fire Engineered Reclamation and its processes are on the WEBSITE.

Please contact with questions

Mike Prettyman,
Chief Information Officer at Green Fire Engineered Reclamation

Bitcoin Address: 1HBUKMz77xtRh1vNzFAtnJ488NoYde


Project Links:
NOTE: The following documents are accessible only by registering personally. You will approved
individually, register completely.
[1] Link to Green Fire Engineered Professional Credentials HERE
[2] Link to project mine Asset Credentials HERE
[3] Link to FT Asset Management Credentials HERE
[4] Link to Children of the Landfill eBook is HERE
The Children of the Landfill website is HERE
[5] Link to Green Fire Engineered Reclamation eBook HERE
Green Fire Engineered Reclamation and its processes are on the WEBSITE.
Please contact with questions
Mike Prettyman,
Chief Information Officer at Green Fire Engineered Reclamation
Green Fire Bitcoin Address: 1HBUKMz77xtRh1vNzFAtnJ488NoYde15o5